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Outdoor Wireless Access Point

Amplify your wireless coverage over a range of up to 5km with the easy to install Outdoor Wireless Access Point which works in access point, repeater and bridge mode. Designed to support today's most demanding wireless LAN activities, the rugged outdoor device includes a detachable antenna, inbuilt booster and advanced wireless security to extend a powerful and secure wireless signal throughout the premises

External WIFI

Share a dependable 54Mbps WiFi connection between multiple wireless devices such as laptops, tablet computers and smart phones on a single broadband plan. Whether you're indoors or outside the Outdoor Wireless Access Point simultaneously connects all of your devices to high-speed broadband.

Outdoor durability

The tough exterior of the Outdoor Wireless Access Point ensures dependability in the harshest of outdoor environments. The sturdy casing is built to withstand extreme temperatures and other harsh weather conditions for optimal performance in any location

Maximum Coverage and Reach

Enhance and extend your wireless coverage using the detachable 5dBi antenna and 500mw inbuilt booster. Ideal for offices, warehouses, shops and other commercial premises, the outdoor Wireless Access Point lets you create a secure and reliable wireless network for multiple devices over a radius of up to 5km.




Wi-Fi Outdoor




Migrating to VPNs: Many companies are migrating from leased lines or frame relay for cost savings and increased performance. They often see a 100% ROI within a year. As a backup link, VPN over DSL is cheaper and quicker to deploy than ISDN, and is faster and more reliable. Many companies also use VPNs within their LANs to add encryption protection between segments, buildings, or groups where information security and uptime are critical.

Information: Privacy Legislation: Healthcare, finance, retail, and government sectors are now required by law to encrypt data. Compliance requires that companies use authentication standards and solutions (such as NAC and 802.1x) and auditing practices, and are advised to encrypt data that is transmitted over their existing WANs. Adding these capabilities as part of initial router implementation is easier and far less expensive than adding the required security later.

Secure Remote Access: Many companies have sales staff and telecommuters who need remote access to networked applications such as e-mail, sales tools, and shared folders. Some organizations also have outsourced staffs or remote partners that need limited and secured network access.